NASCAR Valentine: A House divided.

No, my husband didn’t give me a NASCAR-themed Valentine card (this year) but I have lost him to the television set for several hours as he watches the running of the Daytona 500. For those in the know–the half of America that relishes everything NASCAR–the Daytona 500 is like the Super Bowl of Motor Sports. Celebrities, politicians, rock stars, and the every-day working man (and woman) flock by the hundreds of thousands to the Daytona International Speedway this weekend for the kick-off event of the 2010 NASCAR Season. My husband falls into this category of fan, wishing he were there right now.

The other half of America–the half that could care less who Junior is and might think that Ricky Bobby is a real driver–is completely dumbfounded by this strange obsession with high-revving cars driving around in a circle 200 times. Unlike my husband, I fall into this half of America, which means we are a house divided on Cupid’s birthday.

Marathon Oil "American Spirit" #51

Now, as several of our friends know, my husband’s family had the experience of owning a Cup team a few years back. Their car was the #51 Marathon Oil “American Spirit” and often had drivers like Tony Raines and Kevin LePage at the wheel.  

During this time period, I truly became a NASCAR widow of sorts…Joe was always gone to the races, helping to oversee much of the day-to-day operations.   He and his brother and father truly made an exceptional team, and they relished the challenge of racing at the highest level of competition.

Joe and his brother Russ "in the pits" at a race.

I, on the other hand, attended a single race, which while exciting for the sole experience, was more than enough.  I did enjoy meeting Richard Petty  “The King”  as well as interviewing his daughter Rebecca Moffit for an article when I was doing lots of magazine writing.  Joe had the fun time of sharing a garage with Will Ferrell as he filmed scenes for Talladega Nights at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

NASCAR is full of quality people, but I must say I was rather relieved when I got my husband back full-time.

So, as my husband sits in front of the television today, pouring over every driver and owner interview, eyeing the way the sponsorships are structured, keying in on new changes for the 2010 season, I can appreciate his “insider” knowledge.  So, I guess this equals my Valentine’s Day present to him: Simply give him his hours to watch it.

But for all of you who have also temporarily lost a loved one to the Daytona 500…do you want to go to a play with me today?  I heard Almost, Maine is supposed to be great!

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