Marry a Stranger Lately? Brian Feldman has…

The Top 5 spent a rainy afternoon at the courthouse in order to attend Brian Feldman’s wedding.  A highly acclaimed Orlando performance artist, Feldman is known for his–shall we say unusual?–performances and this one was no different.  This event was designed to protest the ban on same-sex marriage. Feldman wanted to demonstrate the absurdity of the law allowing almost perfect strangers to marry, yet denying committed partners from marrying simply based on gender.  So, days earlier Feldman picked Hannah Miller, a very accommodating stranger, to meet this afternoon at the courthouse and become united in holy matrimony.

A crowd of around thirty people showed up to support the event. The Orlando Sentinel’s Elizabeth Maupin and Orlando-based blogger Mark Baratelli were reconizable, as was Thomas Thorspecken of the Analog Artist, who recorded the event in pencil and water color. 

Here’s a short video of the ceremonies:

Regardless of any of our fans’ individual beliefs about marriage, the Top 5 loudly applauds Brian Feldman’s passionate stand for love!

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