Fair Warning: Valentine’s Day Ahead!

I am posting this well before Valentine’s Day arrives, just in case any Top 5 fans are like my husband. I dearly love my hubby; we were high school sweethearts and have now been married for almost 18 years. However, when it comes to romance, he is not always–how shall I say it?–a rival of Romeo’s. He tends to lean a little more toward Larry the Cable Guy than Casanova. So, if you find yourself a bit like my hubby, then this is your advance warning:


Truly, we girls are pretty easy to please. It is not generally the cost of an item, but rather the thought that goes into it. One of the best presents my husband ever gave (yeah, he could be romantic if he really wanted to be) was a scavenger hunt. I had to use clues to find my way through the house to the ultimate gift of chocolate-covered strawberries and a pair of sunglasses. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was just a paper airplane awaiting me, I was just thrilled that he had put some advance thought into the gift!

So, here’s some wonderful ideas for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day, just in case you are running short on ideas:

Have a “Green” Valentines Day: Students at Rollins College are putting a “green” spin on a traditional “red” holiday. Members of the Eco Rollins organization are encouraging the purchase of small garden plants and herbs, rather than a traditional cut bouquet of flowers. This way the plant can continue to grow as opposed to traditional flowers that are only good for a limited amount of time.
Your home-run phrase: “It will continue to grow as my love does for you…”

 Tickets to see Almost, Maine: The final performance of the legendary Orlando Theatre Project, Almost, Maine is for romantics. As the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, Almost’s residents find themselves falling in and out of love in the most unexpected ways.
Your home-run phrase:Almost, Maine because I’m ‘almost’ totally and completely in love with you…”

Dinner and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra: Imagine a 4-course dinner provided by the famed White Wolf Cafe before settling in to listen to the world-famous Detroit Symphony Orchestra as they take the stage with conductor Leonard Slatkin and young cellist Sol Gabetta.
Your home-run phrase:  “This just shows you the music that’s in my heart…”

Valentine’s Day Concert at Leu Gardens: Swinging jazz under the stars in a beautiful botanical setting? Bring along a candle light picnic dinner, and you’ve got the makings of true romance.
Your home-run phrase: “Being here with you and the candles, the music, the atmosphere, it;s all I could ever want…”

Bee Mine Valentine’s Day Holiday Workshop: Give your wife a break by taking your preschooler (3 – 5 years old) to a special workshop at the Orlando Science Center on Saturday, February 13. Sometimes just a break from the kids is the most romantic gesture you can make!
Your home-run phrase: “Because you deserve some time for yourself…” 

Power Package at Pointe Orlando: If you haven’t been to Pointe Orlando (or at least not lately) you are in for a real night out!  Start with dinner at the Funky Monkey Wine Company (a four course sumptuous meal!) and then see Valentine’s Day, the new romantic comedy, and then end the evening with a night-cap and dance at B.B. King’s Blues Club.
Your home-run phrase: “No night out is too good for you…”

These are just a few suggestions to get you started thinking…remember IT IS THE THOUGHT that counts!


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