Lady Gaga! (Need I say more?)

So, the Top 5 got Lady Gaga concert tickets as a Christmas present, and I was so thrilled to join Top 5 editor Bess Auer and some friends at the concert. What a night! [Note: Lady Gaga’s concert lived up to the anticipation!]

So, like just about everyone else in Central Florida, I was ecstatic to hear Lady Gaga’s sold out concert was being moved to the larger UCF Arena venue. The atmosphere lived up to its billing: plenty of drag queens and Gaga look-a-likes on hand.

Top 5 Editor Bess with several Gaga fans!

Everyone seemed to take the atmosphere in stride. Love that we value people from all walks of life knowing that it takes all kinds to make the world go round!

We found our seats [Note: No, my nose did not bleed despite the warning on the tickets.] in the upper level of the arena. Fortunately the UCF Arena does not seem to have a bad seat in the house! It is an excellent venue for concerts!

The only downside was the leotard-clad man and woman behind our seats…they were already vomiting before the first act, Semi-Precious Weapons, took the stage. [Note: Security promptly escorted the two out of the building, lest everyone around them get sick, too! This was a valuable learning experience to see what alcohol poisoning can do!]  And, the UCF security was extremely gracious, moving us spectacular LOWER LEVEL seats! Front and center to enjoy the show!

Back to the stage…where Semi-Precious Weapons was an eye-opener, as the main singer stripped to a thong during an on-stage costume change. [Note: No pictures…sorry.] Probably won’t be downloading their music as it is not really my preferred style, regardless of no pants. But the next act, Jason Derulo, was quite welcome.

Top 5 editor Bess & Jason Derulo

In fact, Jason Derulo earned a new fan: me!  I really enjoyed his Michael Jackson-esque dancing and great songs. I will definitely be downloading a few. And, the fact that he posed for pictures in the very-accessible hallway afterwards was quite a plus in my book.

Of course, he was very gracious despite the mob of fans trying to get at him. One particularly well-endowed woman asked Jason’s handler if she flashed her boobs would she get a photo faster… [Note: I did not lift my shirt. Neither did Top 5 editor Bess Auer.]

Be sure to check out Jason Derulo’s music here.

After a bit of a break playing Michael Jackson songs over the house speakers, Lady Gaga finally took the stage! [Note: We felt she was pushing it a bit…2 hours of waiting for her?] But, let me tell you, she lived up to every bit of her billing and expectations!  Play the video below to see some snippets of her show, which is really more of a Broadway production than a pop concert. [Note: Yeah, I am totally waiting for the copyright police to yank my video…until then, enjoy!]

S0, thanks, Lady Gaga, for a fantastic start to my 2010 year! Hats off to your shining talent!

This post was written by Guest Blogger Extraordinaire Buffy Bayhill, college student and avid Gaga fan.



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3 responses to “Lady Gaga! (Need I say more?)

  1. Kate

    Can I ask did anyone who attended this concert get very ill the following week? Flu ect… not from the music I mean sick. someone I know came home very ill and we r trying to put some things together. Yes I know big crowd lots of people what do you expect but just curious what others have to report.

    Thank you (means a lot)

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  3. my friend always sell concert tickets at a heavily discounted price, it is nice to have a friend like that..*

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