“Bond… James Bond”

Or should I say, “5…Top 5” instead? We had a blast at the Enzian Theater’s New Year’s Eve bash! While we at first shied away from the James Bond theme, we scoured the internet to find some villain we could pull off.  We decided on the following:

Valenka from Casino Royale

Gettler from Casino Royale

Best we could manage!

<———Yep, this is pretty much the best we could manage…

So, we arrived at the Enzian in our Aston Martin [Note: Much lower-priced but equally stylish Mini] and were pleasantly surprised with how sleek and classy the Enzian had the party going. Red carpet, outdoor screen, fountains, and elegantly dressed staff. It was all equal to the billing!

Top 5 editor Bess and Brian Feldman, Performance Artist Extraordinaire

<—-I also got to see some of my Twitter and blog acquaintances, which is always nice. First, I spotted Brian Feldman, sans beard, fresh from his last big gig of 2009!

He is already planning a full event of 2010 events, including a very special (if oxymoronic) one in April. It just may have to be a Top 5 event! If you missed Brian’s Chanukah Ikea event, it apparently was a highlight of the season.

For more info on Brian and his amazing events and performances, please visit his site.

Thomas Thorspecken and Mark Baratelli

I also got to see Thomas Thorspecken, the incredible artist.————–>

He was feverishly drawing and painting while peering at the dance floor. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! His Citrus Bowl parade pictures are already posted at his blog The Analog Artist. Mark Baratelli, editor of of The Daily City, was also on-hand for the fun time.

I also got to chat with Enzian owner Sig Tiedke, who looked wonderful and seemed to be enjoying the occasion. If you have never been to the Enzian for an event or a film, you are definitely missing out on one of Orlando’s gems. Home to the Florida Film Festival, which attracts big stars and media, the Enzian also houses smaller film fests and events monthly.

Enjoy the video from our Big Night out! Thanks, Enzian, for a nice time!

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