Sprout hasn’t Sprung in Central Florida

I am blessed with one beautiful child whom I love very much. [Note: My beautiful child is now a grumpy teenage boy who would like to spend most of his time with his rear end plopped on the couch playing X-Box and his fingers glued to his phone texting while speaking to me as little as possible…okay, okay, he’s a typical teenager! But I do love him very much.]

While he is too old for The Wiggles, Barney, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc. I have several nieces and nephews who are still of pre-school programming age. Since my son doesn’t tune in for any of these shows, I guess I didn’t really notice or care who showed what on Disney or PBS, until I had relatives in town for an extended stay. [Note: Does three days count as extended?]

At any rate, this is when I found out that my cable company did not carry a full line up of things. I have one niece in particular who has special needs, and so while physical activity may not be high on her list, The Wiggles are. Now, grown men in outfits resembling Star Trek don’t exactly appeal to me, but I can appreciate their appeal to children.

The Wiggles actually endeared themselves to me after hearing about their effect on Scotty Parkins. His mom Kathy is a good friend and her son was born with Down Syndrome and then diagnosed with childhood Leukemia at a young age. If ever a family needed a break, they did!  So, through the Make a Wish Foundation Scotty got to meet his idols, The Wiggles.  Not only did he get to go see their live show, those grown fellows spent so much time with little Scotty backstage afterwards that they instantly won me over as a fan! So, when my niece wasn’t able to watch them on TV, this bothered me.

Apparently Sprout is the sole carrier of The Wiggles and it is a channel that is carried on a limited basis by Brighthouse (my cable carrier) but the full line up is carried by Direct TV.  Now, I am not switching to Direct TV, as I am very happy with my cable service; however, I found out there is actually a movement called Sprout Please! trying to entice Brighthouse to carry the full line up.

Put it this way: Sprout is the only way The Wiggles are coming into this household unless my niece brings some DVDs!

So, if you have time, visit the Sprout Please! website to encourage the addition of the full channel line up. My niece (and her cousins as well as Scotty Parkins) would greatly appreciate it!

[Happy note: My son actually left his phone at home today and willingly talked with me as we drove down to the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida where we delivered 14 new blankets he bought with his own money. Good learning experience for him, nice talking time for me!]



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2 responses to “Sprout hasn’t Sprung in Central Florida

  1. Karin

    I have signed up at “Sprout Please” and I call Brighthouse about once a month requesting Sprout. Been doing this for about two years now and have had no results though BH has added many other channels! As soon as AT&T cable is available in my neighborhood, I am switching because they offer a great children’s package.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Karin! I agree Brighthouse severely lacks in the customer service dept. If they drop Fox and I can’t watch the Gators in the Sugar Bowl, you may be able to hear my hollering across town!

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