Central Florida Photographers Give Back

I was thrilled when I received an email from Michael Hajek, the photographer who is helping coordinate a very special event here in Central Florida: Help-Portrait Orlando.

Started by celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart in Nashville, the Help-Portrait movement focuses on a very simple premise:  Find someone in need   –   Take their portrait   –   Print & Deliver their portrait.

The Help-Portrait Orlando will take place on December 12 and is bringing together over 70 photographers, as well as make up artists, hair stylists, and graphic artists to photograph the city’s needy. You might ask why would taking someone in need’s picture be beneficial? Well, let’s consider the dignity that is offered to a person when a little bit of attention is given to their presentation. By allowing a person to put their best face forward, you give them a tiny piece of themselves to proudly hold high. And, what’s more, many of these people have never had a picture taken of themselves.

“December 12th is about helping people who never imagined having their portrait made,” celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart said. “Kids who don’t have their own families, those in need at children’s hospitals here and abroad, single moms, the elderly, the homeless or even your own neighbor. This is about giving pictures, not taking them. It’s about building relationships in your own community and giving hope.”

Here’s a video from Help-Portrait Orlando’s website to give you a better idea of the meaning behind the day.

If you feel so moved, or have services or time to offer to this worthy cause, please visit Help-Portrait Orlando’s main site to see how you can become involved. Remember, the date is this Saturday, December 12, from 10 am – 5 pm. The local group of participating photographers has grown to 70+ members strong and expects to add to those numbers prior to the actual event date. On that day they are partnering with the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida and expect to provide approx. 350 portraits to those men, women, children & families who needs are served by the Coalition.

The holidays are always a good reason for donating your time, but especially this particular year when so many of our fellow Floridians have found themselves in need. Thanks for checking out the website.


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