Something Old, Something New…

I visted the Winter Park Wedding Chapel (301 New England) yesterday and was very impressed. This quaint place is not only perfect for the charming small wedding, but it is also a wonderfully spiritual place for yoga, meditation, and meetings in general. Located a few blocks off Winter Park’s famed Park Avenue, the Wedding Chapel is down New England toward the refurbished Hannibal Square district, near Dexter’s and Hot Olives. The Winter Park Farmer’s Market is located within a stone’s throw and is the ideal place for a picturesque reception to accompany the Wedding Chapel.

Steve and Suzanne Graffham are the lovely owners who have taken this historic building (once a church) and have redone the floors, ceiling, lighting, and even landscaping of the structure. The Graffhams have also used their UK roots to become a destination wedding place for many British couples, helping to boost Winter Park tourism.

A professional photographer who specializes in fashion shoots and luxury resorts, Steve uses his Winter Park Photography as an additional service the Wedding Chapel can offer. The nearby salons, restaurants, and florists are also readily available to create a dream wedding for the right couples.

This smaller space fills a need in a high-demand area. The Winter Park Civic Center is reserved years in advance and many of the churches are difficult to book as well, leaving many hopeful couples hardpressed to find an ideal location. The Wedding Chapel provides a beautiful backdrop to create a dream wedding and as of now it is still readily available. As Steve told me, “We’ve done eight weddings and we have fourteen more booked. But, business is really picking up.”

What’s even more exciting is the Graffhams are putting the space to good use during the week when it is not being used for weddings. The Wedding Chapel offers yoga on Tuesdays and Sundays at 6 pm. As Suzanne points out, the wooden floor is forgiving and allows for more comfortable positioning than many other studios in the area. Instructor Dave Walsh charges $10 per hour and a half session.

Check out the short video below and then visit the Wedding Chapel website for more info.

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