Green Day in concert

My son is nearly in hysterics with Green Day coming to Central Florida Wednesday night. (However, he’s too young to go alone, and my husband and I are too old to willingly take him…so yes, he’s also severely disappointed he won’t be in attendance.)

But, it got me thinking as I remember back to my days of Green Day vs. Blink 182, etc. and my former inner rock girl starts to poke her head out. My son doesn’t even recognize the band Blink 182, although he’s heard their music playing on my ipod. I recently saw where Blink 182 member Tom Delonge has reinvented himself by fronting the band Angels & Airwaves. What makes this unique that I am actually writing about it? Well, instead of immediately hitting the road on concert (like Green Day with their new album), Angels & Airwaves has opted to make a major feature film to accompany their new album entitled Love. Here’s a link to the trailer compliments of Modlife, Inc.

Delonge has compared this film to something made by Stanley Kubrik; even likened it to Pink Floyd’s The Wall. It better deliver with those types of claims! So, while I won’t be taking my son to a punk rock concert, I might venture out to the movie theaters…how about you parents? (Which is the real point of this post!) Any ideas on what age is appropriate to go to a concert? And do you go with your child?

Angels& Airwaves opens in Central Florida on February 14. (How approriate for Love!)


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