Featured Central FL Artist: Linda Brant

We’ve decided to do a series of blog entries over the next few weeks featuring Central Florida artists. We are fortunate that art and culture are alive and well here–perhaps the beautiful scenery provides great inspiration? In addition to some wonderful artists, we also have some world-renowned museums, many of which go unvisited by residents, who are perhaps unaware of the high quality art they have living right beside them.

The first artist we are featuring is Linda Brant, this year’s recipient of the Cheryl Bogdanowitsch Scholarship for Sculpture from Crealde School of Art.

Brant states, “Although my formal education is in Psychology, I have been painting since I was a child. Many of the concepts behind my pieces are inspired by literature and expressed through motifs found in the natural world. Somerset Maugham, Hermann Hesse, Jack Kerouac and Carlos Castaneda are among my favorite writers. Crushed rocks, dried leaves, moss, insects, tree bark, glass fragments and spider webs have all been sources of inspiration to me. I use compelling ideas, feelings, experiences – even dreams – as a starting point for creating imaginative and expressive images.”

Dancing under the Autumn Sky (in praise of Tiffany)

Dancing under the Autumn Sky (in praise of Tiffany)

Untitled V (pastel)

Untitled V (pastel)





For more on this week’s featured Central Florida artist, you can visit her on the web at lbrant.net.


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