Do You Tweet? Just what is this Twitter?!

I have had a few emails recently from friends who are not down with the Tweeting…they do not know what Twitter is and frankly, do not understand its value. I must admit, I had never really twittered before the Top 5. I had created a few accounts for some of my clients, but had not really become an active participant myself until now. But, now that I understand the way it works, it is really cool!

I get personal updates from Lance Armstrong, detailing behind-the-scene events at the Tour de France. He groans about anti-doping testers knocking on his door first thing in the morning, for the twelfth morning in a row. He sends “shout outs” of encouragement to friends fighting cancer. He even tells what “pump up” song he’s listening to. I also follow Olympic swimmers, like Ryan Lochte on his current trip to the World Championships in Rome. While his spelling could use a little help, his posts about the foreign food are hilarious!

As an Orlandoan, I also follow Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. And get updates from Disney, Universal, as well as the various municipalities around Central Florida. I have also enjoyed getting minute-by-minute official updates from NASA. Did you know the astronauts woke up to “Life is Highway” by Rascal Flatts this morning? Fun facts, no?

My son follows several fun tweeters like Shaq and someone claiming to be the real Chuck Norris, who gives posts like, “When Chuck Norris goes swimming, he doesn’t get wet; the water gets Chuck Norrised.”

Meanwhile, my son’s swim team uses Twitter to post important info like changes in practice times as well as real-time meet results. At the championship meet this past weekend, the coaches kept a running commentary on how the meet was going, how the swimmers were doing, and final results. (They even gave info like the fact that the meet officials had to fish out a real alligator from the pool before the morning session…ouch!) For the parents and swimmers who didn’t make the trip, they really felt connected. Twitter has been a great tool for team communication and unity.

And, best of all, Twitter is user-friendly! (If my mother can do it…anyone can!) And it is easy to connect it to your phone, so updates are easily readable. Here’s a short video, further explaining Twitter…and while I sound like a walking billboard for tweeting, it is simply so you will sign up and then “follow” us on the Central Florida Top 5! (Ulterior motive…) You can find us by searching for “Bess Auer” or “centralFLtop5”

And for a little humor with Twitter…


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