40th Anniversary

It seems like I keep writing about space, space, space…well, perhaps that is appropriate with all that has been happening in Central Florida lately–five attempts before the Endeavor launched successfully and now the fortieth anniversary of the Moon Landing. 

I must be honest…my mother was pregnant with me when Neil Armstrong first stepped on the Moon, so I have never known anything but the space age. I was also home sick from Glenridge Junior High, and so I got to watch live both the first Space Shuttle flight as well as the opening  of Epcot.  (I watched as fellow student Jodi Crane, who was there with his family as the first official visitors to Epcot, smiled and told reporters, “I hope my teachers aren’t watching!”)

My son, too, has grown up with humans regularly going into space. Although there have been two terrible tragedies, I would not hesitate to jump at the chance to go into space myself. (If only I was a billionaire!) I do wish I had been alive to witness the man’s first footsteps on the moon; hopefully I will be alive to see man’s first steps on Mars. After all, my grandmother watched Central Florida change from a place where she took a horse and wagon to New Smyrna Beach to a place that launched high tech rockets into orbit, so there is hope yet!

Enjoy this video recap of the Moon Landing…provided by NASA.


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