Central FL Swimmers at World Trials

Although this major event is happening in Indiana, it is something of which Central Floridians can be proud! Natives like Ryan Lochte and Rob Margalis are setting the pace well, taking on Michael Phelps. 

Below is a picture of Lochte racing in Indiana.

Compliments of Swim Network

Compliments of Swim Network


The state of Florida has always been a leader in the sport, which was one of the original Olympics events in Ancient Greece. Our sunny weather allows for year-round training and Central Florida is fortunate to have several major swim clubs that have provided their share of Olympians.

Recreation, masters, and even survival skills are all taught across the state, which is vital to living in Florida.  The ability to swim is a must in an area so full of water-pools, lakes, and ocean!

To catch all the action at the World Trials, a precursor for the World Cup in Rome next month, you can go to Swim Network to watch live, or watch a replay on NBC Sunday, July 12 at 2 pm EST.


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