World Events?

Focusing mainly on Orlando events can sometimes be difficult, especially with such fantastic (albeit sometimes strange) things happening around the world! I left town for just a little over 24 hours, and look at the events that happened:
1) Team Time Trial in the Tour de France
2) Michael Jackson’s Memorial
3) G8 Summit
4) Ahmadinejad declared the election “the most fair in the world”
5) Swimmer Aaron Piersol set a world record without the use of a “supersuit”

Wowsers! And, not only that, but the cutest commercial I have ever seen was released advertising Evian Water. I don’t really care for bottled water, but I have posted the video for you to enjoy…so funny! Impossible not to create a smile even on the hardest of faces!

As for Orlando events, tonight is the Art Stroll at Baldwin Park. I will be there enjoying, so I hope you will take advantage of this free event in a fabulous setting. Let’s reward good events like this!


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